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Consultancy services

Insight, Strategy & Planning - if you are seeking to establish a relationship marketing / CRM programme 6hm can help you 'jump start' the process with the kind of insight, strategy and planning solutions that is borne out of years of big brand relationship marketing experience and a history of challenger brand success.

Technical solutions - whether you are looking to establish a single customer view, obtain the ability to generate data driven insights or simply wishing to integrate some new technology, our technical expertise can guide you through the process, overcome emergent issues and optimise the outcome.

Purposeful creative - if you are wanting to upgrade your website or communications with a more persuasive creative look, feel or execution, then 6hm can provide you with purposeful creative solutions specifically designed to motivate your customers.

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Systems & Integration

Databases - 6hm are behavioural database 'specialists'. We've built systems for IKEA, Ecover and others that enable them to capture the who, what, when, where and how consumers engage with their brand.  The automated interpretation and assigning of these interactions to marketing insights is a benefit many of our clients enjoy.

eCommerce - 6hm provide eCommerce solutions that integrate with your wider business systems. We don't just 'populate and publish' off the peg eCommerce websites, we provide the development capability that allows them to fit seamlessly, and operate flawlessly within your business environment.

eCRM / ESPs - our eCRM 'engines' enable the configuration and automation of virtually any behaviourally responsive personal communication. Our email service provisions are convenient, and faultless - IKEA PR has used one of our bespoke, data generating, ESPs for over six years now without so much as a hiccup.

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Full Service solutions

Complete systems - many of our clients choose us to deliver their complete relationship marketing solution. 6hm can provide not only website, database and communications capability, but also a level of systems integration that has the capacity to extend to wider business requirement(s).

Communication management - we plan, create, execute and continually evaluate communication programmes on behalf of clients.  Our insight, planning, creative, copy and development expertise helps ensure we deliver highly efficient, and successful, outcomes for our clients, on time and within budget.

Digital & Direct - contrary to popular belief, direct isn't dead. This is why we ensure that all our digital operations have the ability to dovetail with a direct output. So if you are looking to integrate personalised on and off-line communications, 6hm has the expertise to ensure it works first time, every time.