6hm stands for the 'six honest-serving men' who, in Rudyard Kipling's poem: The Elephant's Child '...taught me all I knew, their names are What and Why and When, and How and Where and Who'

Founded with the conviction that it is behaviour that best predicts attitudes, 6hm set out with the aim of providing their clients with the most comprehensive, detailed and joined-up understanding possible of how each individual customer engages with their brand.

Using this data, and the insights it generates, to inform and enhance relationship marketing programmes, 6hm has been combining purposeful creative with individually targeted personal communications ever since.

6hm - insight and technology that helps drive highly effective behavioural change for brands.

Our experience


Insight underpins everything we do. Our strategy and planning is borne out of an understanding of your customers and experience that spans virtually every sector, from finance to FMCG to charity, and more; we even have a ‘behavioural ecology’ PhD amongst our ranks.



Our developers have the kind of expertise that can make all the difference.  We don’t just ‘populate and publish’ off the shelf content management systems.  6hm developers create, connect and integrate the solutions you need; ensuring you can deliver on your promise, every time.



Knowing what works on and off-line, and how best to utilise it, is a hallmark of our creative solutions.  With experience that spans everything from public service to private equity, our creative team has the ability to surprise and delight every one of your customers.